Re-Generator, Plan to Regenerate the Wetlands of Hangzhou

The main challenge for this project was the dimension of the proposal and the variety of uses for which is designed. The materiality of the structure used is steel because of the structural capabilities of this material and due to the steel industry that happens in the city of Hangzhou

The dimension of the intervention have a direct consequence in the construction process, so in order to make it viable, an important phase of the design was the standardization of the pieces. With this standardization, we increase the industrial productivity of all the parts of the project, we optimize its transport and we safe time in the assembly of the structure. With all these concepts we safe energy at the same time that decreasing the economic cost of the project

Moreover, in order to have less impact on the ecosystem that we are trying to recover with this system, we implement the concepts of lightness and permeability to the all the parts of the project, achieving an optimization of the structural design that results again in the safe on energy and economic cost. 

Bamboo FloatARTmuseum

In this occasion, we decided to create a complex which would not produce C02 during the construction of the project, that is why we decided to use natural material as wood or bamboo. This creates a problem, not only to define the structure, but to design the unions of these natural materials.

The knots are the only metallic pieces of the complex. These knots adapt to the different dimensions an directions of the composing elements.

One of the most important parts of the project is the structural knots. We thought it could be a good idea not to design different knots in all the vertex of the arcs, but to propose a universal knot that could be used for all of it, so could join all the natural elements coming from different angles, directions, quantity.

All these process of mounting is made on site, including the stalls that hags form the arcs, because from the beginning one of our priority was thinking in something prefabricated.